My Dog's Ear Is Weeping, Hot To The Touch - Lots Of Wax, & The Skin Around It Is Red. Is This An Ear Infection And What Should I Do Until I Can Get Her To A Vet? Please Help - I'm So Worried.


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I'm sorry. There isn't much you are going to be able to do for it. I wouldn't even try to clean it at this point as it hurts and their only way of showing that sort of thing is usually to bite and we don't want that to happen. Also sounds like the type that may need to be flushed out initially to even be able to get the meds where they need to be. Sounds like a possible yeast or bacterial infection.  
The only thing you can do is try to prevent future issues by feeding a high quality food (food allergy often results in things like ear and skin infection, hot spots ect. A 5 or 6 star rated on the analysis site is best but make sure it's appropriate for your dog specifically as well) and to make sure you wipe them out regularly with an ear cleaner (contains rubbing alcohol usually) or rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to help dry out moisture especially when it's damp or humid or your pup has been wet or something. Hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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