What Is The Best Way To Keep A Shih Tzu's Ears Clean From Hair Growing In And From Smelling?


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In one of the previous replies, someone mentioned that you shouldn't cut the hair from the ears. However, we were advised by our vet to remove the hair with a special tool about once a month. I didn't go to the vet with my husband, but he said the tool was placed inside the ear and the hair was "pulled" out. My husband said our puppy didn't even seem to notice this had been done. I guess it didn't hurt, or she would have cried. I too am having trouble with smelly ears. I think I might look into the ear wash from PetSmart. Thanks.
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There is an ear wash at petsmart and its in a bottle. You get an ear swab or a cotton ball and carefully clean out the dogs ear with the wash very carefully and then let it sit for about a min and then get a big cotton ball and carefully dry out the wash.
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Whatever you do, do not cut the hair out of the ears, not only do they need that hair, but you could cut the inside of the ear, and cause irreparable damage to the pup. Just use the ear wash.
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I have a shitzu named Tigger too.We rescued him .He is white and grey.
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I absolutely LOVE when people rescue animals!!! I feel that more people should do that, don't you? Thank you for doing that.
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I rescued a shih tzu named gaga

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