Is There A Safe, Effective Home Remedy For Constipation In Cats?


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Prune juice will do a job. Put small amount of juice (an ounce) over their food. And also include lower fat or fiber food in their diet.
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One thing to be aware of is cats can fool you, its straining may be caused by a blocked urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder. The owner sees the cat straining to urinate, but they interpret it as constipation. Take your cat to the vet right away if her litter box is dry and she is still straining.

For constipation, a sprinkle of oat bran every day can help, canned pumpkin is also an excellent source of fiber and cats seem to enjoy it. Give a little bit to her every day until she is regular. And of course, make sure she has lots of water.
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Oh and defiently make sure her litter box is clean, a cat will simply refuse to go in a dirty box, and in some cases will cause her to vomit instead
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I have a 9 yr old Maine Coon that had gotten constipated 3years ago, several different times. I had never changed his food. I had to actually give him tap water enemas to help his constipation. He is an indoor cat so he does not get the greens that outdoor cats get. I have tried different cat foods. I have found the most wonderful remedy, I now feed him "The Goodlife Recipe" and he his not had 1 problem since. He loves it and is very regular.
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Take your cat to the vet
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Also.. Milk.. But I usually use like vegetable oil. Not a lot maybe a tablespoon.
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That's ridiculous. Most vets say it perfectly OK to give a small amount of milk to cats once or twice a week. Cats love it and it's good for them.
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Absolutley not.  Cats should drink water and water only.  Prune juice can make a cat's stomach turn and the cat will not eat.  THen you have to take the cat to the vet and pay for a tube to go through the stomach to untwist/turn the cats stomach.  The same thing will occur if you feed them milk.  The only milk cats should drink is mothers milk when  they are babys'.  Same with dogs'.

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