My Dog Woke Up This Morning With Shallow Breathing, He Can Barely Walk, And His Gums Are Very Pale--he Is Appr. 11 Yrs Old?


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Whenever dogs have oxygen deficiency or deficiency of red blood cells, gums become pale and condition is called anemia. Many conditions can cause anemia in dogs. These can be

   1. Blood loss
   2. Parasites
   3. Autoimmune hemolytic anemia
   4. Shock
   5. Side effects of medicines

Symptoms of anemia in dogs are

   1. White or pale gums
   2. Loss of appetite
   3. Weight loss
   4. Weakness
   5. Increased respiration
   6. Yellow color of skin
   7. Lethargy

So, take your dog to vet because many conditions can cause pale gums.

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