My cat's jaw is swollen either from an abcess ed tooth or from fighting and has a bite that has abcess ed and needs to drain he may need an antibiotic if it doesnt drain on its own i have antibiotics for people..augmentin etc but what is dos?


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You would have to ask your vet for any dosage information and appropriate medication. You are wanting to use a human prescribed med for your kitty? Be sure to tell your vet that, it can make a difference as they are different grades. If it's something that will help the problem they can give you the correct dosage and instructions for your baby. If your kitty has a dental abscess it usually requires more than just antibiotics as well.
Go in for an inexpensive exam and you can talk to them about the antibiotics and whether your kitty needs something else or further treatment. You don't want things to get worse or your kitty to go septic or anything. Be sure you can answer any questions about the med or you take it with you if it doesn't need to be refrigerated would probably be good. Make sure it's not expired or anything like that. Hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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