How Long Do Albino Ferrets Live Plz Tell Me?


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Sadly ferrets only live an average of 6-8 years. Some can live up to 10 years, but more often ferrets are seen with adrenal gland disease and other horrible fates anywhere from 3-8 years of age. I am not certain if albino ferrets have a shorter lifespan or live any longer, but I am assuming that they fit into this range.
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I am guessing that this is a VERY old post but I came across it somewhere.. I am going to answer it anyway.  Ferrets live 8-10 years like said above, but it does not matter if it is albino or not! An albino as with any animal lives just as long as it should if it were not albino. Being albino is just the skin not making pigment( hence the Red eyes) meaning they have no color whatsoever.
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Oops below... Anyway i have an albino ferret named tubesock and she is just a normal ferret! No difference here!
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I would say seven. We use to have one but he died at seven. So sad I loved that ferret. They're such cute creatures!

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