My Pug Keeps Scratching And Trying To Bite His Hind Legs, The Vet Gave Shampoo And Steroid And Does Not Seem To Be Working Also Had Glands Expressed And He Is Still Scratching And Biting His Legs, What To Do?


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Itching in dogs can be due to allergy to flea, pollens, molds, dust, food, insects and contact allergy. Parasitic skin infections like scabies especially sarcoptes mange, Cheyletiella or lice which causes pruritus, pyoderma, ringworm infection, Cushing's disease, endocrine diseases due to hormonal imbalances, autoimmune skin diseases and and almost all skin diseases. Itching can cause licking, biting and chewing in dogs which can lead to hair loss. So, your vet can differentiate the cause and can prescribe medicines after complete physical examination and some blood tests. So, take your pug to another vet for second oinion.
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Took the pug to another vet they could not figure it out.So took him to a doggie dermotolagist she was stumped also. She did scrapings ,checked the fur and so on.I told her now I was also getting bites,so she checked my bites and low and behold sarcoptic mange,they could not see the little mite on the dog but they found it on me.So as usual 2000.00$ later it was a little mite........????????......

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