My Dog Has A Chapped Cracked Nose. Is This Normal For An 11 Year Old Dog And What Can I Put On It?


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Yes. A lot of things that are not normal for younger dogs are normal for older dogs. Dry nose affects a number of breeds, and a lot of it has to do with sun exposure. Once the dog starts licking the nose to relieve the discomfort, it starts to get chapped and suddenly you have got a problem. Then fungus or bacteria gets in, and the problem gets worse.

Start by putting sunscreen on your dog's nose. No guarantee that the dog will let it stay on, but if it does it will help with the initial problem. Secondly, you can try keeping the dog indoors most of the time, or putting a little coconut oil on the nose to soothe the skin as well.

Of course, this could be a different problem. If there is another symptom, like discharge from the nose, or a smell or change in color, then take your dog to the vet.

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