My Cat's Paw Has A Cracked Sore On It. Can I Put Human Neosporin On It?


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Go to a pet store and ask them about medicines to treat cat wounds. I know they have a lot of different types and they're affordable.
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Neosporin is fine.. Also try peroxide it don't hurt them they may run at first but it don't hurt them I have used it on them for abcess lots of times per the vet
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I have done this with a cat that I had many years ago, and I added a covering to it so that the cat wouldn't lick it off right away. I took the covering off after about an hour. Of course the cat stayed on my lap in front of the TV during that hour, so that I could make sure that my cat wouldn't tear of the covering and get the ointment all over everything. Good luck!
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I have often used Neosporin on my dog. There is no need to pay a large vet bill. I'm not sure the difference between cats and dogs but I also give my dog Benadryl when he has any kind of irritation or allergy. Animals are amazingly similar to humans.
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I wouldn't use a simple solution like that if your really care about your cat go to a vet I don't mean to sound harsh at all here but I can't bear to see animals in pain even if it is something simple like a sore
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No you shouldn't, because any animals should not have any human things like that on it. I think the best thing to do is go see a vet about it.

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