Should I Take My Dog To The Vet If He Is Panting All The Time?


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helen baillie-gutteridge Profile
Maybe he is hot - with a fever, or pain. Is his stomach swollen? If so I would suspect bloat and he needs to see the vet.
If his stomach is OK, do you have a fan cooler that you could blow on him? Or a cold pad?
If none of these ideas fit - can you give us more information, like his age, breed, behaviour.
aileeny Profile
aileeny answered
Dogs pant to get rid of heat, to cool down. But panting all the time is not normal. You do not say if your dog is one of the flat faced pedigree breeds, who suffer from breathing problems. You really should take him to be examined by a vet.
Steven Vakula Profile
Steven Vakula answered
Dogs pant when the are sweating or warm. Dogs do not perspire like humans to cool themselves but maintain their internal temperate by panting. It is normal for a dog unless there are some other undisclosed issues.
Mike Monty Profile
Mike Monty answered
How old is the dog? There could be any number of things that may be the cause of this. The one thing that I do know that causes non stop panting is congestive heart failure. I have had two dogs go through this and when it had gotten real bad they would pant all the time.

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