Ma dog died last night - it was poisoned by Anti-Freeze what would cause someone to do that?


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Sure your car wasn't leaking it? How did it get into antifreeze?   Most causes are a direct result of the owners lack of respect for others rights to peace and quiet. Did you let it bark all the time? Did you not pick up its duties daily so no to cause offensive odors? I am a dog lover and have had dogs all my life and even I had thoughts of taking out the dog because of the lack of cooperation from the owner but could never do it cause it wasn't the animals fault. It was the owners fault for letting it do what caused a nuissance to the neighbors.
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The car was checked no leaks, it never barked, cleaned up after it everyday, the only way it could of got anti freeze was if someone gave it to him, we had no idea why it was ill and the first vets we went to misdiagnosed it we loved it to pieces and all we want is for him to be back with us and well
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I am not really a dog person but killing a dog is going way too far.
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Sorry about your loss but there are some very sick and cruel people in this world who only use destruction as the answer to a problem. Dogs are Gods animals so whoever did this shall pay a hefty price soon, you can be assured of this.
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There are some very nasty people in this world I am sorry that this happend to your dog that you very likely loved, but what goes around comes around and lets hope they get theres.

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