What sewing machine parts are compatible with a JCPenney or WHITE Model 6960, 6950 or possibly 8000? The feed dog in particular?


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It is highly likely that the only sewing machine parts that are compatible with the models that you mention in your question are parts that are from those sewing machines originally. This is because these parts will have been designed and made with that particular sewing machine in mind.

It is therefore not recommended that you try to replace parts of your sewing machine that may be faulty or not working at all with parts from other sewing machines, as they will probably not work. You could try the following options to see if they can help you out:

• You could firstly try to contact the company that made your sewing machine and see what they can do for about regarding a repair. Even though this may end up being expensive for you, it is sometimes the best thing to do especially if you do not know what is wrong with your machine as you could end up causing more damage if you try to fix it yourself.
• If you think you know exactly what is wrong with your sewing machine, then should still try to contact the manufacturer to see if they can recommend further steps to you in getting your machine repaired. It may be the case that you have to return your model back to the store where you got it from to be repaired.

If you do know what is causing the problem without your sewing machine or what is causing it to stop working then you can always try searching on the Internet for how to guides on how to repair this particular problem. If you Google your problem or query then there should be dozens of useful results presented back to you. One website that is very useful when it comes to topics such as e-how.com.

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