What's The Names Of The Top 10 World's Poisonous Spiders?


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Brazilian Wandering Spider (banana spider) is the most venomous in the world. The Sydney Funnel web Spider is almost as venomous, but still deadly and aggressive. The Black Widow and Red back are the same species and deadly but shy. The Brown Recluse is also deadly. The Hobo Spider and Sac Spider bite can also be deadly. These are the ones you have to look out for. Daddy Long Leg Spiders ARE NOT DEADLY! Nor are tarantula's. The bigger the spider, the more safe they are. Wolf Spiders are also not deadly. Camel Spiders are of the arachnid family like whip scorpians, but are not actually spiders.
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The following is From Wiki Answers.com. It differs from the list above. Can anyone confirm this list for me?

"The Brazillian Banana Spider -South America

The Sydney Funnel-Web -Australia

The Black Widow -World Wide

The Wolf Spider -North & South America

The Goliath Birdeater Tarantula -South America

The Brown Recluse Spider -World Wide

The Red-Back Spider -Australia

The Sac Spider -Europe

The Tarantula -Neotropics

The Tarantula -Neotropics "


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Best way to tell if a spider is dangerous to a human is to look at their abdomen. A bald abdomen is a sign that it is potentially dangerous ie..Mouse spiders, funnels, recluse, black widow and wondering. The only sepcies of Tarantula that produce a medically significant bite would either be a Togo Starburts or The Ornamental tarantulas. Even with those tarantulas not a single death has been reported from their bites. I own a Goliath Bird Eater, would you want to get bit....hell no she has 1.5 inch fangs and bites with some serious power but your not going to get sick form it.

1. Wondering Spider
2. Funnels
3. Mouse Spider
4. Recluse
5. Widows and Redbacks

Pretty much anything else your going to be just fine.
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The reason why the Daddy Long Legs was believed to be an extremely dangerous spider, is that some people confused it with the Violin Spider, which has a very potent venom.

The Black Widow spiders are quite venomous, but are by no means near to being the most dangerous, as only 10% of untreated bites result in death.

The Brazillian Wandering spider has a nasty venom, which can, and often does kill. The other side effect of its bite is a rather long lasting erection!

The Sydney funnel web is also believed to be a nasty piece of work, and it's bite is so powerful, it can pierce a human toenail!

The brown recluse spider is extremely venomous, and has a few deaths to it's credit too.

I personally believe the worst spider venom of the lot, belongs to the six-eyed sand spider of southern Africa.
It is a nasty piece of work, and when you get too close, it injects you with a horrific toxin. Your limbs get necrosis, and your flesh rots, your internals also stop functioning, and you will die an agonising death.
Little research has been done on this spider, and thankfully, only one reported death has been recorded. Due to the fact that these little guys are not near human settlements, we are safe for now!
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In no particular order, and can't really keep to just 10 species. Depends where you live and what kind of creature you are how to rank them.

* Brown recluse (kills more people than Black widow).
* Black widow

Both are indigenous to much of the USA Be very careful if moving dead wood around, or even just poking about in dark woody damp places!!

The black widow bites more people in the USA (and maybe in the world) than any other, but its bites are rarely fatal (but then again, they sometimes are fatal).

The spiders with the most potent venom is the

* Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria nigriventer)

but it's not especially dangerous to people.

Quite dangerous to people,

* Mouse spiders (8 species, Australia)

* Funnel web spiders (40 species, Australia). The Sydney one, Atrax robustus, gets cited as the spider of the world with the venom most dangerous to people. It's only been blamed for 13 deaths ever, though.

*Spiders in the Genus Latrodectus, occur worldwide (black widow is one of these).

* Genus Loxosceles, brown recluse is one of these.

Hobo spiders, Banana spiders and Yellow Sac spiders also cause bites with nasty after-effects, but not fatal.

There's a few species of spiders in the USA called Daddy Long Legs; they have a reputation as highly venomous, but in fact, are not at all poisonous to people.
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Thanks this is a lot of research for my class.
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Daddy Long Legs are one of the worlds most deadly and venomous spiders on earth, but there mouth is to small to bite humans so they are harmless to humans. Hope they stay that way.
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Also i have to agree with everyone else about the dady long legs not being a spider but every thing else was great.
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I am unsure of all of them, but I do know that the Camel Spider is not poisonous, it isn't even a spider. And that tarantula's are not that bad to humans.  The Daddy Long Leg is also not a threat to humans, it too is not a spider. The tops that I know right off hand are the Banana Spider (Brazilian Wandering Spider) The Brown Recluse, and the Funnel Web Spider are  the top 3 most dangerous to humans.
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The top are the Brazilian wandering spider aka Banana Spider, the Australian funnel web, the Brown recluse aka Fiddle back, the black widow aka red back, Mouse spiders, the six-eyed sand spider, and the sac spider. The rest of the list are varieties of tarantula's, Huntsman spiders, the wolf spider, and Hobo spiders although they are not poisonous enough to kill a healthy human.
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  1. The Ultima Spider
  2. The Funnel Web Spider
  3. The Brown Recluse
  4. The Camel Spider
  5. The Black Widow Spider
  6. The nine-eyed Spider
  7. The daddy Long Leg
  8. The Rampaging Predator Spider
  9. The Hobo Spider
  10. The Scuttling Huntress

Poisonous Spider Information They Don't Want You To Know

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Banana spider
black widow
funnel web
wolf spider
red-back spider
wandering spider
mexican red knee
bird eating spider
hatrix rebhosis
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Sydney funnel
black widow
brazzlian wandering
recluse ( violin spider)
red headed mouse
comb foted spiders
daddy long legs are accutlayy not known if they are dangerous or not
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Black Widows are not the most dangerous in the world. In the past 10 years, not one person in the US has died from one of them. That being said, other countries have a lot more to worry about then this. Its because as a kid you were told that a Widow was the most deadliest. The name is half the reason your scared, I'm sure if it was called the Taco spider nobody would care. I have a pet Black Widow, I live in Colorado so I have a whole yard full of them. I am more afraid of a Yellow Sac Spider.
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No spider can be considered deadly but they can be considered harmful if you have allergic reactions to the venom or are in an unhealthy condition.  And just to clear the daddy long leg thing up only one spider can be called a daddy long leg and it is not the one most see outside it is the pholcid house spider.  Oh and I agree with the end statement by guest four people don't think before the act well thats not true either.  They think about the money but not the enviornment that they kill to get that money.  Although by killing the enviornment we are killing all life we know including ours.  And spiders are venomous they inject toxins, poison is consumed or inhaled.
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I would saw a black widow
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Daddy Long Legs cannot hurt people, but they can hurt other animals, the black widow spider will ccause death unless treated immediately and brown recluse cause paralysis and funnel web spider has the most dangerous venom by more than any other spider(daddy long legs is not a spider) hope that helps a little ☺☺☺
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Ok for the like 80th time people stop saying Daddy long-legs. Jesus. There not even spiders for one thing. And the people who say "there the most poisonous spider in the world but can't pierce human flesh because there fangs are too small" if they can't pierce human flesh how the hell would they find out if it's deadly to humans?? Did he milk the insect of it's venom and then inject it into a human guinea pig? Think a little before you go around believing all the rumors. I'm only a senior in high school and I think more logically then half the adults in the world. It's pathetic and sickening to know that I need to eventually grow up and live in a world that can't properly function without killing each other or digging 1 mile underground in the ocean for oil and thinking no problems would come up. Idiots I swear.

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