What Does A Baby Tarantula Look Like?


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If you want to see pictures of baby tarantulas, simply perform a search on an images site, such as Google Images.

Other websites that have excellent pictures and information on spiders, of all ages and size, include:


Baby tarantulas are surprisingly small, when you consider the size that the adult tarantulas can grow to. A baby tarantula will start its life with a leg span of about 6 mm. This is surprising when you consider that the adult version can grow to approximately 250mm in size.

Very few baby tarantulas actually survive and progress through to adulthood, and the reproductive process ensures that, depending on the species, up to 2,000 are born.  Baby tarantulas can be kept alive by humans relatively easily, simply by placing them in a container that will not allow for escape. This container should allow some ventilation, and should kept in a humid place and the spiders should be fed regularly, especially when the spider loses its hair. Uneaten food should also be removed at regular intervals.

The spiders will lose their hair constantly for the first few weeks of their lives, and this is an important part of them grown in size. Once the spider becomes too large for the container, it can be moved into a larger container, again ensuring that food is provided regularly and that the container is well ventilated and kept reasonable humid. 

Baby tarantulas are quite docile creatures but they can bite from an early age, so it is vital to be careful when handling them.

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