What Kind Of Wasps Attack Spiders?


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Spider hunting wasps belong to the wasp family known as Pompilidae. These are large and active wasps with very long legs. The tarantula hawk wasp of the southern USA and Central America is about 3.75 centimetres long.

Spider hunting wasps are found all over the world but they are more common in tropical and sub tropical areas. They, obviously, only thrive in places where there are lots of spiders, as this is their main source of food. Most spider hunting wasps will attack anything as long as it is a spider – they even attack spiders much bigger than they are.

The spider hunting wasp fights openly with its intended target spider and gives it an injection of poison from its very long sting. This kills the spider which is then dragged off into a hold in the ground, where an egg is laid on top of it. When the egg hatches, the larvae that emerges has plenty of spider food, ready and waiting.
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I watched a wasp do this on the 11/10/07 in Dymchurch, Kent. The whole episode was amazing with the wasp making 4 attempts to fell the much bigger spider before they both fell to the floor.The spider fought on the floor and must have got a good one back on the wasp who was left spinning on the floor and the spider walked gingerly away.Im convinced the wasp was a tourist and not native uk. Ian Young, Project Manager Team Van Oord, Dymchurch.

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