Is This A Spider Bite?


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Fred Hamill answered
You haven't given too much detail about what it looks like, and where it is, if that isn't too personal. Nevertheless, if you have a couple of small puncture wounds at the site of the bite, it could be spider, but there are other things that bite and leave marks.

And If There Is Only One Mark?
If there seems to be only one puncture, then it could be a mosquito, or something like that line. I would suggest that you use calamine lotion, to alleviate the itching. If it persists, or gets worse, then I would recommend that you go and see a doctor about it. Hope this helps, good luck.
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ray of light answered
The itching and broken blood vessels are the symptoms not disease. The disease might be some where else. One of reason can be insect or spider bite. But I will advise you to visit a doctor for differential diagnosis and proper treatment.

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