Can A Tarantula Eat A Praying Mantis?


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Tarantula's can and do eat Praying Mantis but at the same time they also do get eaten by Praying Mantis. These battles are particularly tough because a fully grown Tarantula and a fully grown Mantis are veracious predators, though the Mantis has the edge in sheer aggression, and the Tarantula has the edge in strength. That said in a stand off I would give the edge to the Mantis because of it's likeliness to strike first catching the Tarantula off guard and damaging it's soft body with the spikes on it's arms as well as it's razor sharp teeth.

If the Tarantula were to strike first it would come away with the meal. Smaller Mantis's though are no match for an adult Tarantula.

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