Why Is My Rabbit Foaming At The Mouth?


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Alex Fields answered
When A Rabbit Has Green Foam Coming From Its Mouth it is Probably an (acute) allergic reaction to something that the rabbit ate.
Especially if lungs are filling with fluids because of the reaction, go to a vet immediately: The rabbit will be in dispair like it is choking and will have great difficulty breathing, making a lot of sound while it does great effort to pull in fresh air. The animal will become weak very rapidly and could die within 20 to 30 minutes.
--> It means an emergency visit to the vet to be able to give the rabbit oxygen and treat the allergy asap!
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What would cause my rabbit to foam at the mouth and make strange noises
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Rabies springs to mind
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Vets ftw - rabbits are more fragile than you think - ive got two and had another two, both of which are dead but were 6 yrs old and 11yrs old

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