My Dog Is Foaming At The Mouth, Not Lethargy Or Vomiting. Is He OK?


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There could be a number of reasons for your dog foaming at the mouth. The mostly likely symptom if it is looks well and foamed for a while only is that it eat something wrong or probably licked a frog. You need to observe it some time. If the cause of foaming was only consuming some wrong thing, there is nothing to worry about. It could also be a symptom of rabies if it continues and is accompanied with change in its behavior. In this case, you need to take him to the vet immediately.

Since you mentioned that it only foamed for 10 minutes and that too after a walk, it could be a sign of being worked up, as foaming is also caused when the dog is extra worked up. This foam is just excessive saliva and there is nothing to worry about it. However, if it continues or there is any vomiting or lathery, you must take it to the vet on urgent basis.
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What happens when your puppy comes back from a walk and throws up everywhere and is foaming at the mouth.. And also has diarrhea?
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Do you have frogs where you live? My dogs both foam at the mouth after licking the frogs by our house,the vet said it's from the frog urine.

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