My Cat Hasn't Eaten Anything In About 3days, She Drinks Water Occasionally, She's Lost About 2kg In 2 Days. She Weak And She Shakes. Ive Taken Her To The Vet Several Times But He Has No Clue As To What Is Wrong..pleas Help?


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I'm not sure as to the cause of the problem...could she have been a runt of the litter? I have owned and rescued many cats and if any don't want to eat then I'll tempt them with something really strong smelling like pilchards. Take the bones out, preferably feed the tinned ones with tomato instead of the oil. If she still doesn't want to eat then I would suggest force feeding her I fear the worst could happen.
I would use goats milk maybe or liquefy her meat and use a pipette. Gently put the pipette in her mouth and just squeeze a little into her mouth. This could give her a taste and she may want to try and eat it herself, if not feed a little more to her. Once she has had a little, if she is adamant she doesnt want anymore then leave it a little while. Also, don't feed her too much at once, feed little and often or she could vomit it back up.
This is all I can suggest but the cat MUST eat or at least drink milk or she will deteriorate fast!
Good luck x

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