My Cat Has Sores All Over Its Body, What Is Causing It?


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Skin lesions can be due to a lot of different causes.  It could be allergies, nutritional deficiencies, infection (bacteria or yeast), parasites (fleas or mites), autoimmune disease, hormonal disorders, or systemic disease.  You will need to get to the vet to work out what the underlying problem is.  They will take a thorough history of the problem, do a full physical examination and some initial skin tests.  Depending on the results it may be necessary to do further testing.
Of the causes of skin disease, flea allergy is very common.  If there are any fleas on your cat I would recommend using a on-pet treatment.  Also ensure you wash and change your cat's beddin regularly as this is where most of the eggs and larvae will be.  A more severe flea problem will require a more aggressive approach.

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