My Cat Has A Circular Sore On Her Face. What Is It, And What Can I Do About It?


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A circular sore on a cat's face could be caused by a number of issues, so it would best if you took your pet to the local vet.

He or she will be able to carry out a detailed and thorough investigation of the area and hopefully prescribe a treatment for your pet.

My cat has a black sore on her face, what could it be?
  • The location of the sore should make diagnosis slightly easier, as certain problems will only cause sores in particular areas of a cat's body.
  • Sores on a cat's face usually denote a number of problems which can include: Skin allergies, reactions to food, fungal infections, allergies to an insect, scabies or blisters or parasites - such as worms.
  • Other possible causes of sores on a cat's face are "cat hot spots", which are usually present in long-haired cats and in hot weather. They may be caused by poor grooming, insect bites or allergies.
  • Cats can contract a condition known as "Feline Demodicosis" which is caused by mites. This condition will cause sores on a cat's face.
Without seeing the cat, it is virtually impossible to know what has caused this sore. The best course of action would therefore be to take your cat to a vet.
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I assume that you worm your cat, so it shouldnt be ringworm. Cats often get small lesions on their faces and neck from brawls or even just through being the inquisitive creatures that they are.

How large is the sore and does the area around it look red at all? Cats are usually very good at keeping small nicks clean by themselves but, if it is a large wound and there signs of redness or swelling around the scab, you should go and see your vet.

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