My Cat Has An Open Sore Near His Butt What Could It Be?


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My cat has been hiding under the table the past couple of days. We noticed yesterday that his butt was wet and kinda red. Today we checked him and he has a open sore and his butt area is really red. He has very long hair and is an indoor cat. What should I do?  I was wondering if maybe he got poop caught in his hair and he is trying to remove it. He caught poop caught one time before and I had to cut it out. This does not look like poop is caught.
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If there is more than one cat, it could be from should really take your cat to your vet , bacteria, infections,not to mention the discomfort and pain the cat could be in. If you had a sore next to your rectum what would you do?
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You need to have your cat checked out the vet, as this sounds like he's got an anal gland abscess which needs drained and removed.

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