Why Does My Dog Have A Pink Nose Instead Of Black?


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Dog nose can be pink, liver colored, or black depending upon breed. There are many possible reasons of change of nose color in dogs from black to pink. This change in nose color can be normal and sometimes, sign of illness. Aging is one of the reasons of change in nose color. Aging can reduce efficiency of an enzyme called tyrosinase resulting to loss of pigmentation in nose. This enzyme is also temperature sensitive. Its efficacy is increased in hot conditions and reduced in winter. Fading of nose during cold is due to this reason and condition is called snow nose or winter nose.
Some medical conditions can also change dog nose color from black to pink. These are trauma, abrasion, contact dermatitis etc.

There can be many more reason but change of nose color in dogs is not fully known. If your dog nose has turned pink with no other signs of illness then no need to be worried. But pink noses have more chances to develop sunburn and cancer. So, in case of pink nose of your dog, avoid sunlight by applying sunscreen.

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