A siberian husky got my mini. Schnauzer pregnant. What do i do?


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I'm sorry. Considering the size difference in particular you may want to consider speaking to the vet about a spay and termination as an alternative to her continuing with the pregnancy. That is her (and yours) best and safest option. If you want to try and continue with the pregnancy she will most likely require a c-section at a minimum.
There would be an additional fee for the spay but nowhere near as expensive as continuing with the pregnancy and caring for everyone properly and you don't have to worry about pregnancy and any of it's risks ever again or the pups you produce, no more seasons and she'll be healthier with a longer life span. Good luck whatever you decide.
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Nothing you can do but be patient and congrats on about to be parent
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I am just worried it will not be good for her!! She is 17 lb and he is about 40lb. I am just scared that the puppies will kill her!!

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