How Many Pups Will A Pitbull Have On Their 1st Litter?


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There isn't a set number really and usually an average though there are a lot of factors. Could be 2 and could be 10 or 12 or anything in between (usually in between, lol). Breeders get a good idea of how many or exactly how many during their prenatal care as it is important and helpful and protocol when breeding to know those things and check on dam and pups and be able to monitor the whelp appropriately.
Initially confirmation is done by ultrasound or bloodtest in the first 3 to 4 weeks and this lets us know she actually is pregnant and there isn't a problem needing treatment or to look into having to do with their health like uterine infection or possibly STD if they weren't tested before breeding (leads to absorption and miscarriage and infertility and worse) and other things. Later in the pregnancy towards the end there is another ultrasound or an x-ray done that tells us some things like how big and helps us check for complications during free whelp and whether or not we need or may be headed for a c-section and also helps us spot complication sooner and better during free whelp. Because you know how many or nearly to expect you can spot distress faster by knowing when it's been too long between pups and knowing when she's done or when one is retained to cause deadly infection and things like that so the prenatal care is standard protocol and imperative to making sure your girl and your pups have the best chance.
Average gestation is 59 to 63 days from the first tie (calculator in first link below) though can be a little earlier around 57 or up to 68 (time to be concerned and are more likely to need assistance or c-section at that length and more so on smaller breeds). During early labor the females temperature will drop to around 98. It is important to know when this occurs since if there are no pups within 24 hours of the temperature drop (active labor) there is likely a problem and the vet should be called (or if c-section that it is time to head in). If the pups are free whelped (non c-section) the dam is examined 24 hours after to be sure there are no complications (rupture, torsion, prolapse hemorrhage ect.) and retained placenta's or pups to cause deadly infection. She may need or benefit from an injection to help clean her out faster at that time (also to try and prevent infection). The veterinarian will usually go over the next steps and more common danger signs and problems (like mastitis and eclampsia) for the nursing stage at that time.
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Like any other dog it would depend on the age of the dog her fertility at the time of breeding and the males fertility.  Pitbulls can have anything between 3 and 9 but average is 4/5.

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