How Do You Know A Bitch Is Coming Into A Season?


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- The Bitch may become more vocal.
- She may display frequent urination, wee in you home, even if she is normally well house trained.
- She may become more friendly towards her human family.
- She may become ignorant to instructions.
- Her female genitalia may change, become more pinkish and enlarged.

There will be some change in your Bitches behaviour.
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The bitch dog experiences the first heat when it is six and nine months old and it occurs twice a year. Generally, three weeks is duration for a season and it varies with breeds and the individual bitch dogs. Many days before the physical manifestation that the bitch dog is in season, some external factors hint that the season is near. The interest of the male dogs residing with the bitch or in the local area suddenly increases and they tend to sniff the bitch dog. The bitch dog is seen licking her external parts and also experiences frequent urination. Frequent urination explains her pending condition.

Male dogs in the area are found flocking outside the house where the bitch dog resides. Veterinary Amplex Tablets can be given against mating but the instructions should be followed closely. When the season gets nearer, bitches show behavioural changes. Some become quiet while others are enthusiastic. Some get sensitive and hesitate getting together with other bitch dogs.
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Yea ive got a cute dog at my home which is also a bitch

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