How Do I No If There Could Be A Puppy Stuck Or Dead Inside My Bitch?


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Lay her on her side. Place one hand under her at her rib cage. The other on top. Push till you fell your hands touch. Do this all the way down to her opening. If you fell any hard ball like things there are still puppies in there. If they are near her opening they are either stuck or waiting ti be born. She can take up to an hour in between pups. If its been longer than and hour take her to the vet.
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Did you do your prenatal care so you know how many there are? How about your post whelp exam yet? You need to see the vet. If the pups are free whelped (non c-section) the dam is examined 24 hours after to be sure there are no complications (rupture, torsion, prolapse hemorrhage ect.) and retained placenta's or pups to cause deadly infection. She may need or benefit from an injection to help clean her out faster at that time (also to try and prevent infection). The veterinarian will usually go over the next steps and more common danger signs and problems (like mastitis and eclampsia) for the nursing stage at that time. Usually around 2 to 5 days the pups go in to the vet for a look over and to have dew claws removed and tails docked if that's done.

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