My Cat's Back Legs Are Very Weak, She Seems Disoriented And She's Breathing Heavy. What's Wrong?


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This is an emergency. Your cat needs immediate veterinary attention. There are any number of causes including organ failure, metabolic disease, trauma, snake bite, tick paralysis,thromboembolism, or heart worm. Prompt diagnosis and treatment will give your cat the best chances of survival.
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My Cat has similar problem's, very weak in his back legs lost a lot of weight falls over when first getting up, but eating and drinking plenty baffled he's 14 years old though.
     Took him to vet and they gave him a blood test found nothing wrong they wanted to put him to sleep but I thought if he's still eating and in no pain then there's no chance this was two weeks ago!
    Still no change, don't know wot to do!
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If you cat has diabetes the cat could be having an insulin shock if it's blood sugar it too low. Call the vet and get some sugar and food into your cat.
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My cat is like that and she is 13 years old the back legs being week means the muscle and the tissue in her back legs are going its the sign of oldness and the breathing problem I think its because it gets tired very easily but I am not sure I took mine to the vets and they let me know about her back legs and she has now got irritable bowl syndrome old cats get very ill quickly and as my cat is getting worse she is loosing all of her teeth the next time she needs to go to the vets they wont be able to do anything they will have to put her down straight away
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Get your cat to a vet immediately. It sounds serious especially the breathing and its back legs weak.
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Uh , stop wasting time on blurt it and get her to a vet !

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