When Should I Bathe My Dog After Mating?


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When can I bathe my dog after mating? Is it okay to do it straight after breeding?

Although there is an old wive's tale that states that you cannot bathe a dog after mating, this is false. There is no rule as to when you can bathe your dog following breeding.

If you wish, you can bathe the dog immediately afterwards.

  • Although bathing your dog following mating is perfectly fine, it would not be advisable to worm your female dog after this process. (If you're concerned about worming medication or other types of medication interfering with fertilisation, you should consult your vet.)
  • Ideally, worming should be done before mating rather than after.
  • If you have any other questions concerning the health of your dog during or after breeding, then the best person to consult will be your vet. He or she will have access to your dog's full medical history, and can also undertake a medical inspection of your pet.

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