What Is The Best Food For Nursing Dog?


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Dietary requirements of nursing dogs are not much different from pregnant dogs. During last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy and lactation, more nutritious diet is required in order to provide energy to the unborn during pregnancy and milk for puppies after birth.

There is 25-30% increase in the diet of nursing mother, so, you should increase her diet by 25-30% and also give her more calories per mouthful. You can give her puppy diet and lactation diet which are easily available in the market.
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The best food for any dog, nursing or puppy or adult dog, is one with LOW additives and by-products and has probiotics and minerals they need to stay healthy.  If you have a good quality food then for a nursing Momma you will increase her intake.  DO you free-feed?

If you want information on a great product please go to: hope this helped!  Please feel free to ask more questions!

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