My Dog Shivers, Like She Has The Chills, This House Is Warm. I Notice It More In Bed.She Lays At My Feet Area, And She Shiversre...what Is Going On?


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My pup is doing the same thing. She isn't sleeping  when it happens though. We just took her to the vet so I don't think she's sick. She is 13 weeks and trembles like she has the chills. It's almost scaring me. I read that I could mean she is sick, who knows it could have been something she ate. I hope she's just chilly....
I believe you  to be confusing her dreamstate with her having the 'shivers' sweetie.  The next time you notice her shivering at the foot of the bed, crawl up to her face & say something comforting, not to startle her and see if she continues to shiver, if not, she was no worries;okay sweetie?....♥Nassy
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I was told that when a dog shivers its there way of trying to keep warm
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Shes probably scared and needs comforting
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I don't know how old your pup is, but I am wondering if it might be arthritis. I think the best thing that you can do is take the pup in for a visit, and if you have already done this, then I suggest you take him to another vet. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the pup.

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