I Have A 1year Old Fox Terrier Who Trembles A Lot. I Thought Either She Is Cold Or Nervous But It Can Happen At Anytime When The House Is Warm And She Is Curled Up Happily On My Lap And Suddenly The Shivering, Every Few Seconds. Can Anyone Enlighten Me?


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OK this is what I could suggest. Sometimes my small shit-zue does this too. I believe that this is because he is not cold, but breathing fast. Maybe it is in fact too hot, and she is sorta struggling to breath, or panting. What I'm saying is it may feel like she is shivering, but then she might just be breathing a little fast. The next time you hold her, if it is hot, check for panting, or check your grip on her. If none of this is happening, then I'm as stumped as you are. I would take her to the vet to make sure it is nothing serious. Good luck!
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Thank you for your advise, when she does this shivering its like she is vibrating for 2-3 seconds then a pause and then again. Very strange. I will try out what you suggest and if no luck then I'll mention it to the vet. Many thanks again x
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My mini schnauzer/cairn terrier 6 year old dog does this as well.  He is about 18 pounds and when I went to the vet about this he said he could be one of these ideas

1.  He is overly sensitive to cold
2.  He is easily startled and nervous
3.  He is sick with a bladder or kidney infection
4.  He could have a cold or a fever
5.  He has allergies or some kind of pain that is causing this.

I went and had blood work done and urine tests and had all other things tested and it turned out that my baby has allergies so he breathes funny which makes him look like he is shaking.  My doctor put him on 1/2 tab of benedryl up to 3 times daily as needed (I give him 1/2 a tab at night and he does fine)  He stopped shaking unless he is scared or cold.

Best thing to do is see your vet just to have things checked.

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