How Do I Clean And Dress A Dog Bite, Puncture Wound, On My Dog?


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Clip and Clean:

You need:
1. A quiet electric hair clipper, or scissors/blade
2. K-Y Jelly, or something similar
3. Antiseptic cleaner (Chlorhexidine or Providone-iodine)
4. 1 10 cc oral syringe for flushing
5. Small bowl for diluting antiseptic
6. Paper towels or something similar
7. Gauze pads


1. Cover wound area with K-Y Jelly completely and thoroughly. This is so that hair does not get into it.
2. Cip or shave the hair around the wound (about one inch radius).
3. Use gauze to wipe jelly off
4. Mix small amount of antiseptic with water (water should not be transparent after you mix it, but should be pale)
5. Using syringe, squirt this on the wound, then blot (not wipe) with towels. Repeat until wound is clean and you can't see any debris.
6. Soak gauze pads in the solution and pat the wound.
7. Dry the area around the wound so the dog does not lick this.
8. If the wound is small, leave uncovered. Larger wounds should be covered with gauze.
9. Clean twice and day and change bandage, if there is one.

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