What Is The Treatment For A Punctured Lung In Dogs?


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My dog has a punctured lung - what is the treatment?

Treatment will depend on the severity of the punctured lung, and this will not be apparent until a vet has seen your dog. This is a priority.

The vet will be able to undertake a far more detailed analysis of your dog's condition than I can on here. Your pet will have to undergo an x-ray, and other tests to determine the extent of the problem.

Once the results of the tests are available, then treatment can begin.

  • A punctured lung in your dog is a very serious condition, which will need immediate medical attention.
  • Usually, emergency surgery will have to be performed on your pet, in order to treat this problem.
  • If a punctured lung isn't treated straight away, then it could lead to numerous problems with your pet's respiratory system - and could even cause cardiac arrest.
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Oh, my god!!  There is only one treatment - run as fast as you can to the vet!  Good luck!

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