How Long Should A Cat Be On Antibiotics?


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The course of antibiotics depends upon the disease being treated.  Skin issues for example require several weeks or even a month of antibiotics.  The full course of antibiotics should be given.  Do not stop when signs resolve.  The most common reason problems recur is people do not treat long enough and the infection has never cleared.
If you have concerns talk to the prescribing veterinarian about the length of antibiotics.
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I assume a vet gave you the antibiotics.  You should use them all up, and give the full course of antibiotics.  As with humans, do not stop before the pills are all gone.  If you are doing it on your own, you should check with a vet, see if the cat should be on the antibiotics, and how much to give her.
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Yes i thought so im just a little worried as shes already been on them for two weeks and the bottle seems to have a further three weeks supply feels a bit too long for my liking
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I agree with you. Can you check back with your vet??? 5 weeks does seem like a bit much.
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My cat has been on antibiotics for two weeks .She had au upper respiratory infection. She is feeling much better now. She still sneezes maybe once or twice a day ,but way down from where it sued to be. So my question is should she stay on antibiotics till the whole pack is gone? She is on a 6.4 oz bag of tetracycline ,powdered form. There is a lot of powder left ,and to finish it may take at least another 3 months.

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