What Spiders Are Common All The Time In Perth, Australia?


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sean mcguigan answered
Red backs are common
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Dipa Suresh answered
Australia is famous for its 'Wolf Spiders' or 'Lycosidae' as they are scientifically known. However, experts feel that the majority of spiders in Perth, Australia, or for that matter in the whole of Australia are as yet unidentified and unrecognised by science, while it is a fact that most of the spiders found in the rest of the world have already been described and written about and researched in great detail. Australia is the world number one in its number of different species of spiders, as well as for the highest number of venomous spiders present in one country. Although not many of these poisonous spiders may have caused death, it is true that the 'Funnel Web' and the 'Redback', close relative of the 'Black Widow Spider' found in other parts of the world, are especially venomous spiders, known to have caused two deaths in Australia in recent times. The 'Huntsman', the 'Golden Orb', and the 'Black House Spiders are a few other varieties of spiders found in Australia, and in Perth.

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