How Do Monkeys Take Care Of Their Young?


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Monkeys and humans are both primates, so it’s no surprise that both care for their young in pretty much the same way!

How Do Monkeys Care For Their Young?
  • Breastfeeding them
  • Cleaning and grooming them
  • Protecting them
  • Taking them everywhere with them
  • Holding and playing with them
  • “Talking” to them
Really, monkeys aren’t all that different from us. They have a very close bond with their babies, and they nurse them just like we nurse ours.

What Do Mother Monkeys Feed To Their Babies?

Well, once they’re past the breast-feeding stage, the mothers show their babies how to find their own food. They pass them fruit, showing them which foods to gather and eat and which ones to avoid.

What Happens In The Absence Of The Mother?

Grandmother monkeys have been known to adopt and care for their grandchildren - monkeys are the only species other than humans who have been seen doing this! The grandmother might adopt the “mother” role, and care for the babies as if they were her own.

It’s very rare for monkeys to abandon their young, so this only really happens when the mother is ill or has been separated from her children.

How Do Monkeys Care For Their Offspring Differently To Humans?

For one, they don’t have to change diapers or toilet-train them! Other than that, there’s really not much different.

The mother monkey teachers her children the ways of the world, and supports and cares for them until they’re ready to find a mate of their own.
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Very much like we do, usually. They usually stay with their moms for years.

Unlike us, they don't have cribs and playpens and things like that, so carry their little ones around all the time with them. They will sometimes use a babysitter for a few minutes though - if the baby is old enough and they trust them enough.
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They hold their young ones with them and feed them.

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