How To Take Care Of A Finger Monkey?


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You should start by bringing your monkey home, and playing with it and studying the actions. Eventually, you will start to understand what it is that he or she wants from you. Until you can both learn each other’s language, you will have to keep putting supplies (like food and toys) in front of him or her until they calm down. The best food that’s available for monkeys are the foods that you’re meant to eat, to remain healthy. These foods include fruits, vegetables, breads, rice, and even pasta. All pet foods and things like avocado and chocolate must not be fed to the monkey at any cost. This is not healthy.

You should then start training the monkey. You can do this by saying their name often, and offering them a toy at the same time. Petting them whilst saying their name helps then learn, too, and when they begin to respond to their name, remember to praise them. When saying a command, act out what you want the monkey to do! Training them can take a while, but make sure that you take the health and wellbeing of the monkey into consideration.

You should also bathe your monkey in the shower with you, every day. With a monkey, you can just use regular soaps and shampoos. When brushing, you should use a brush for short hair, and a wire for long hair. You can also use lice shampoo if you feel that your monkey has been exposed. Always use warm water, too. Hot water should never be used. If cutting hair is necessary, too, always use small and safe scissors. Make sure that you have enough time for the monkey, too, so that it does not become lonely or feel neglected.
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