How Do You Take Care Of A Snake?


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Snakes also well known as ophidians basically are cold blooded legless reptiles which are closely associated with lizards. A lot of people think that snakes are dangerous and slimy creatures, which is completely wrong.

If you have a pet snake make sure you give special attention to their eating habits, snakes love to eat frogs, insect, rodents, etc, so see that these creatures are given to them to eat. Make sure that you have a nice big cage to keep the snake in, and make sure it does not have any openings. At least one section of the cage should be always warm.

Give the snake fresh water on daily basis; since they are carnivorous, a snake is generally fed once a week. Snakes usually shed their skin once every month, during this period the snake will refuse to eat food so don't be surprised.
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You need to keep him in a terrarium (aquarium) and he needs a heat rock...they like to eat mice about once a week..try and make his aquarium like where he's use to living..put some little trees and a couple of real small type plants and rocks in there.
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Snakes mostly need to be fed mice one a week to be healthy.and they need a cage with nice stuff like....rock,a little small cup of water,and a couple of non-sharp sticks.

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