How Have Monkeys Adapted To Their Habitat?


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How have monkeys adapted to their habitats and surroundings?

A monkey uses its long hands ,feet and tail to move from tree to tree .They have clever brains to help them fight a predator and to do a normal everyday routine .They also use there tails to hold on to trees so they can use there hands and feet.

Monkeys have highly developed brains that’s why they are so much like you and me. They get into strong social groups, and some monkeys live in small family groups giving support to each other, which helps them survive. Monkeys can also communicate with each other with hand gestures and special sounds.

Squirrel  monkeys
Squirrel monkeys like to eat…
In the wild…
Insects, spiders, bird eggs, young birds, fruit and nuts.
In the zoo…
vegetables, fruit, and monkey chow.

Squirrel monkeys move through the trees by leaping in between them. They have short thighs this helps them leap for a long time without falling down . They have a bad smell throughout their fur (especially on their tail) as scent to mark territory or to leave a trail for others of the troop to follow as they go through the trees. This bad smell turns away hunters who might otherwise kill them for food.

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