How Long Does A Mother Monkey Carry Its Baby?


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The gestation period (from mating to birth) of a monkey, depends on the species.

  • Chimpanzee is 230 - 250 days
  • Gorilla is 255 -260 days
  • Baboon is 187 days
  • Orangutan is 227 -275 days

How Long Does a Baby Monkey Stay with Their Mother? A chimpanzee mother will nurse her offspring for five years. However, once the baby chimpanzee has stopped nursing, it will stay with its mother for a few more years to learn how to care for her younger offspring.

A gorilla mother nurses her baby for two to three years and, for the first six months of a gorilla's life, it is in constant contact with its mother.

A baboon nurses her young for just a few months and, by the age of one year, most baboon babies can survive without their mothers - although, until a sibling is born, a baboon will nurse from its mother after this age in times of stress, or for comfort.

An orangutan will nurse her baby for four to five years, but the infant will stay in the mother's nest for eight years.
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It depends on the species and when they begin to mature. Some can stay with their mom for years (or what may be an equivalent for the species), like humans.

Or did you mean gestation? That would also depend on species. :-)

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