How Do Mother Snakes Take Care Of Their Young?


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Most snakes do NOT protect their babies at all. Female egg-laying snakes deposit their eggs and then leave them to hatch on their own, with the exception of the King Cobra(Ophiophagus hannah), the only species of snake to build an actual nest. Most Pythons will also coil around their eggs until the eggs hatch, but once the babies emerge, they are on their own, and they quickly go their separate ways. Live-bearing snakes like Boas will defend their babies by biting an attacker, but only until they have finished giving birth. Once all the babies movie away, the mother loses all interest in them and has no other parental care.
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They don't. All snakes leave their young early on, most as soon as the young are born or eggs are layed ...a few for a short while after their hatching or birth, but all are left to their own devices while very young ...and as far as feeding, teaching or nurturing, there is no such thing in the snake world.
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