My Three Month Old Kitten Is Lethargic , Won't Eat Or Drink And Is Dry Heaving And Has Thrown Up A Little Phlem Like Substance, What's Wrong?


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Those can be symptoms of a lot of things. Right now those are just signs that mean your kitten needs a vet. Those are very serious symptoms when all put together and a cat can begin to head into organ failure if they don't eat in even 24 hours and dehydration is also a very big concern.They will have a better idea once they are able to do an exam and talk to you about everything and get the details they need. Could be something like poisoning, injury, viral or bacterial infection or other things. You need to go today. Hope your baby is feeling better soon.
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O no but my mom is a dog catcher and knows everything about animals she went to college I might ask here what is going on

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