How Old Does A Kitten Have To Be To Determine Its Sex?


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At about 3 weeks to a month a vet can tell you the sex of the kitten when you take it for its first check, the testicles really are only visable at a few months old. You should take your kitten for his first vacinations, which he will need.

The vet will tell you the timing on this. You should also then have your cat sterilised at 7 to 8 months old whether male or female, as it is the responsible thing to do, or they produce litters all over the place which live in the street and starve, not to mention the fighting that goes on during mating season.

So your vet will suggest doing this simple operation which is done within an hour under anesthetic at the clinic, and you can take him or her home after ward to sleep it off.
Female cats need more attention and have stitches, male cats just have their testicles emptied, and so will not mark territory all over your house, with his smell.
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A kitten can be a weeks old before the mommy will allow you to see them or touch them. But, once you can see them and hear them meowing.. You just simply lift them and check.. Balls says boy/ no balls says girl..  My cat just had kittens last week and I am a cat expert by now.. I checked already for their sexes because my cat Missy, loves me and my scent so she lets me touch her babies really soon with out deserting them like most do if touched too soon.
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My kittens ar e5 days old and I already see balls.
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I think its like 3 weeks coz we picked up ours after one week and they all looked the same but after a few weeks they start to develop:) Xx

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