My little 3 day old kitten went missing, im trying to find him, any way to make him meow? Or to find him? PLEASE HELP FAST!


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I'm glad you found him,as kittens that age have no sense of direction or location and can easily stay lost.Should it happen again,take a squeaky cat toy and just go around the back garden squeaking it.Your kitten will think it's mom and come running back again to you !
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DUDE!?!?!? 3 day old???? Ok well, if he is that young and missing without his mother then he is probably not alive..... If you mean that you have a kitten for three days then put hot food outside and inside and he/she might make her way home eventually. Also put up posters like any other lost animal situation and call shelters asking for her type and any markings that she may have that are not similar to other cats. If it is only three days old it will not survive long without its mother but if you are bottle feeding then it should meow or make little mouse squeaks when it is hungry. Also if it is just missing then the mother( if there is one) either took it...or ate it... They tend to eat their young when stressed out.. Please comment and tell me how long it has been missing and I will give  you further information.
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Its okay, i found him, the mom broght him to the closet -.-lol
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Lol well good! I may type a lot but when it comes to baby animals and such i am a genius. Therefore i type a lot because i know how hard it is to lose an animal. I take in wild baby birds fallen from the nest and other baby animals if they are abandoned. If you need any other help i can help. Just leave me a shout:)

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