Black Spider Yellow Spots, What Kind Of Spider Is This And Is It Poisonous?


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This very much sounds like an Argiope aurantia spider, which is more commonly known as a black and yellow garden spider. It is not said to be harmful towards humans and so is not considered poisonous.

The black and yellow garden spider looks a lot more menacing and dangerous than it actually is. The spider is most commonly found in the lower states of the United States, as well as in Mexico and throughout Central America.

Like most spiders, the black and yellow garden spiders like to weave their webs in the gaps and corners of the outside of houses and sheds. Wikipedia also states that the black and yellow garden spiders "often build webs in areas adjacent to open sunny fields where they stay concealed and protected from the wind".

If you need to get rid of the spiders, then it is much more humane to simply 'move them on' rather than kill them. The best approach would be to destroy their webs, then they will look for somewhere different to weave them. This should get rid of them without having to kill them. Most spiders are completely harmless, yet many people have a real fear and phobia of them. This can lead to full blown arachnophobia if it is not properly tackled.
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Check the colour of its web if its yellow or golden its most likely a golden orb web spider, if its a clear web with a thickened strip in the middle of the web its the garden orb web spider. Both these spiders are harmless to humans. And no its not poisonous you can eat it if you want, it is however venomous
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The Black spider you say with yellow spots is not very poisonous but still,it is harmful to humen as it cause your leg to be sore for 1days and make you have a high fever
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It is an argiope spider. .  Looks like this. . 
it is very poisonous. .
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Yes very poisonous if you get bit by one call an ambulance and immediately try to remove the venom from your system
you can do this two ways: One way is putting olive oil in your mouth and try to literally suck the venom out then spit all the liquid from your mouth and gurgle some water
another way is cutting off the circulation to the initial bite from both sides of the bite mark around it and let it sit for a few minutes.
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It could be a garden spider, but I am giving you a link to my sons favorite site for spiders
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Ive got an army of them in my yard we killed a whole ton of babies and a mother spider but a lot of the kids escaped

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