My 8 Weeks Puppy Pooped Out A Bunch Of Long Worms Coiled Up In A Bunch, What Should I Do?


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You need to be worming your puppy regularly, not only to protect your puppy, but also your family.  

Puppies are particularly vulnerable to worms and should be treated every 2 weeks from 2 weeks of age until 3 months of age.  Then they should be treated every month until 6 months of age.  After this they can have the adult dose, which is once every 3 months.
If the worms look like thin spaghetti, they are most likely to be roundworms.  These worms are of particular concern as they can be passed to humans, and can be particularly dangerous in children.  They immature worms migrate around the body and can end up in the brain, or eye, and have been known to cause blindness in children.

You should go to the vet immediately and get a wormer and some advice.  In the meantime, employ good hygiene.  Always wash your hands after touching the dog, don't allow your child to play with the dog, and pick up all his faeces.
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We have 5 weeks ago had a litter of 6 cockers all doing very well and very slowly 1 by 1 they are slowly dying we took them to the vets to find out they had round worm we have 3 pups left 1 is of normal size while the other 2 are the sizes of 2-3 week old pups as these worms stunt growth attack the liver and the intestines and fight the puppy for the nutritions of the puppy looses as they did in our litter so I hope you took these answers on board and did the best thing #
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My puppy has them and she just looks like she is getting better. Keep giving the puppy medication and you will see results.
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You should worm your puppy every fortnight untill its 3 month old, and after that you should dogs every 3 month with panacur granules as that kill every type of worms. Hope this helps.
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When they pooh out worms or vomit them up they are over infested with them and it can be life threatening and should be seen by a vet asap.
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If you can't take your puppy to the vet if you have a jeffers you can go get so de-wormer and it will most likely take care of it
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Oh my god take him to the vet 1st thing in the morning! You especially don't want your children around this!

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