I Have An Overly Cuddly Cat. He Follows Me Every Where I Go And Must Sleep With Me. He Has To Constantly Be By Me What Can I Do About This? Love My Cat But I Need Him To Just Back Off A Bit. Any Ideas Besides Getting Another Cat To Play With.


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Anxiety could mean your cat is worried when you leave. Did you change your schedule lately? Have you been out at more random times? Your cat could be worried that you aren't going to come home. Or, he could be bothered by sounds that you can't hear, but he can. Something may have him worried, even stupid little things, and he is trying to get close to you because he feels alone when he is left - well, alone. Sometimes people don't think of these things. There are special products you can buy to ease anxiety, and can be put in his water, or used as air fresheners. They are sold at Petsmart.

Also, don't think another cat won't be good. A cuddly cat does not mean you will automatically have a defensive cat. You will have an upset cat for a good week or two, but after that, there is a more than 80% chance your cats will like each other. Being alone sucks. Cats love companionship. What it would more likely mean is that when you're gone, they cuddle, but then when you're home, they'd both cuddle on you!
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First, don't get another cat. Trust me on that. I have female cat that is sitting on my lap as we speak. Maybe not quite as bad as yours, but I feel like Dr.Dolittle sometimes! Didn't mention age of cat, which can be factor. Cats are smart animals - you are probably the one that feeds it,cleans it,pets it. It's like, "tag,you're it". Can try locking in bathroom for short time - an hour - or bedroom - cat has to get used to not being with you. It's a learned behavior that you have to modify. You can try another cat, but they are VERY territorial, and if this one is as attached to you as I think it is, then any intruder is going to pay for it.
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Thanks will try the room thing. He's 3 yrs old now. And just started doing this about 2 months ago really bad, always done it but gotten worse in the past few weeks.
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You can slap it

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