When My Dogs Breath Smells Foul Like Cheese And They Spread The Smell On To Their Coat Is That Something I Should Be Concerned About?


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What goes in is what comes out, so, what are you feeding the dog sounds like it doesn't agree with him, try changing food and brushing the teeth, if that does not help take the pup to see a vet...the best to you
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Thank you for your answer, i was just making sure i wasnt missing something.....
I guess that makes much sense...
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Bad breath isn't usually an emergency unless there are other symptom's but should be checked by the vet to make sure it isn't a health issue (generally someone needs their teeth cleaned). Bad teeth lead to nasty infection, abscess, and can even cause heart and kidney problem's and can be painful as with us.  It may indicate some sort of infection and sometimes can indicate something like liver or kidney problem's or even something like diabetes so it's best to be sure of the cause.

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